Report on Giving and Benchmarking

Find out how you compare

The Report on Giving highlights industry performance on key metrics, including total funds raised, return on investment, cost to raise a dollar, and more. Each year, we collect data from hundreds of organizations raising funds for healthcare in the United States and Canada to show you industry trends.

Whether you are a shop of one in a small community hospital or a leader of a development program for a large national health system, you'll find data to compare your organization to others just like you.

  • Verify that you are headed in the right direction
  • Identify opportunities for greater success
  • Justify new investment in philanthropy
  • Make a compelling case to donors
  • Sets clear goals for staff
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Why Participate

Who Can Participate

Any foundation or philanthropic department that raises funds for a hospital or healthcare system in the United States or Canada can participate in the annual survey.

You do not need to be an AHP member.

How to Participate

The 2023 Report on Giving survey, which covers FY2022, will open early in 2023. There are two versions available: the full version, which gives you the most benchmarking data but requires a few hours to complete, and the short version, has fewer data points but takes just 15 minutes.

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