Charitable Giving Tax Deduction

In 2018, AHP is increasing its efforts to advocate for the protection and expansion of the charitable giving tax deduction in the United States.

Why are we focusing on this issue? 

The charitable deduction has been a vital and unique incentive in charitable giving for over 100 years. 

The financial impact is unmistakable: the Charitable Giving Coalition notes that communities receive $3 for every $1 subject to the charitable deduction. In the field of health care philanthropy, that number is even higher. The 2016 AHP Report on Giving found that the median ROI for health care fundraising institutions in FY 2015 was $4.29. 

We expect an overhaul to the U.S.’s tax code to occur within the coming years. With certain proposals expressing a desire to limit or even eliminate the tax code, we recognize it’s our duty to advocate for this time-tested incentive for giving.
Here's what you need to know in 90 seconds. Video provided by the Giving 100.



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