Harold J. (Si) Seymour Award

"Leaders are the ones who keep faith with the past, keep step with the present, and keep the promise to posterity." – Harold J. Seymour

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About the Award

The association’s highest honor, the AHP Si Seymour Award, recognizes distinguished leadership in association affairs and the healthcare philanthropy community. The award is in the name of Harold J. (Si) Seymour, one of the trailblazers in the world of philanthropy. He fostered and promoted exemplary standards of excellence for volunteerism and philanthropic support. His career spanned a half-century of fundraising on behalf of many worthy causes, from the National War Fund during World War II and Harvard University to youth groups, educational institutions, health organizations, and numerous community service projects. Seymour’s book, Designs for Fundraising, published in 1966, is regarded as the dogma of philanthropic fundraising to this day.

Since 1970, AHP presents its prestigious Harold J. (Si) Seymour Award to development professionals whose careers reflect excellence and outstanding leadership in healthcare philanthropy. This award is given annually and presented each year at the AHP International Conference.

Meet the 2022 Si Seymour Award Winner

jory pritchard kerr headshot

Jory Pritchard-Kerr, FAHP

Jory Pritchard-Kerr, FAHP, brings over 34 years of service to healthcare philanthropy with a passion for educating, collaboration, and innovation. Jory is a long-standing AHP member and a Fellow of AHP.

Jory serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation. For over three decades, Jory has been inspiring the communities of South Georgian Bay to invest in the facilities, equipment, programs, and services for the 84-bed rural hospital that also provides emergency care for over 3.5 million day-trippers that visit the tourist town just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Jory joined the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation in Collingwood in 1988 as Executive Director responsible for fundraising and hospital communications. She joined AHP within a month of starting her career in healthcare philanthropy and has enjoyed active participation with AHP ever since. In 2006, Jory was the fifteenth Canadian to attain the Fellows designation.

Jory has had a transformative effect on both the Hospital Foundation and the communities of South Georgian Bay. By using her years of experience in philanthropy, marketing, governance, and management, she has profoundly impacted other charities; helping them to successfully grow and thrive.

In 2008, Jory was named a “Grass Roots Heroes” by On the Bay Magazine for her work in bringing together seven diverse charities to create a regional marketing campaign to support local charities. Through her work with donors and in partnership with her hospital, Jory has structured a number of endowment funds that support innovative partnerships in her community, building upon her hospital’s commitment to health and wellness for all.

As a member of AHP, Jory has served on conference committees, the Canadian Council, presented at multiple conferences, taught for six years at the Madison Institute, served as an examiner for the Fellows Accreditation Program, and Chaired the AHP Board of Directors. Since her retirement from the AHP Board, Jory has helped lead AHP’s efforts in diversity and inclusion.

Jory has been married to Doug Kerr for 39 wonderful years. Together they have raised three amazing boys, and are the proud grandparents of four wonderful grandchildren

Award Criteria

The Award Committee uses six criteria in determining the winner. The candidate should:

  • Be a member in good standing, or a representative of a member firm in good standing, who has maintained development professional membership for a minimum of 10 years during their career
  • Be a successful fundraiser, demonstrated by documented dollars raised
  • Embody the recognized traits of leadership in our profession
  • Represent the profession well to other professionals and to the candidate’s community
  • Have made continuing contributions to the association by holding office, publishing articles, teaching at conferences, etc.
  • Have improved in some way the level of professionalism in the association 

What makes up the Nomination

  • Three letters of endorsement from those who can speak to one or more aspects of the candidate's qualifications for this award.
  • A 400-word statement describing why the nominee merits consideration for the Si Seymour Award, including how the candidate demonstrates leadership traits, how they represent the profession to other professionals and their community, and how they have helped improve the level of professionalism within AHP.
  • Information that illustrates the nominee's service to AHP, the profession, community, and their institution

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